Sunday 13 March 2016

MY LAST WORLD BOOK DAY VISIT, and a cheering "Aside".

Another great day on Wednesday at KEIGHLEY ST ANDREW’S PRIMARY SCHOOL.
I was very glad there was no snow this week, as I had to drive across the moors to tell stories, share books and have a good time with all the Nursery, Reception and Key One classes. 
Big thanks, as ever, to all the people involved with arranging the visit, including AUTHORS ALOUD.

An aside: I haven’t seen any animals in schools for quite a long time and - although I’d state that any “pets” must be looked after carefully, regularly and well – I do feel children should have real experience of living creatures and of the outdoors world, especially with the hours that many parents have to work these days. 

Well, these last two weeks of visits have cheered me up. I’ve seen hints that schools might have moved towards some “natural world” learning. 

I’ve been shown duck eggs quietly hatching - constantly monitored by a webcam – which fitted very well with THE LOVELY DUCKLING.

I also came across two handsome and well-cared for guinea pigs in a Reception area – Iggle and Piggle – and that was on top of hearing about outdoor discovery walks, pond-dipping and veg-growing for KS2 pupils last week. If schools are moving towards a more hands-on and less screen-centred view of the environment, that can only be good news for the children? Of course, the real world can mean extra work, so hooray for the grown-ups involved in such fine schemes.

The week ahead? There are no bookings and unusually little admin to do, so I’m hoping for a few days of real and much-needed writing time. 

I will have to be very strict with myself, so that I don’t get lured into some of the new books I’ve just bought. 

Railhead by Philip Reeve, that, especially, means you! Temptation, temptation!

I'll let you know who and what wins! 

Bye for now . . .

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