Saturday 24 January 2015


Ah yes, that resolution I made about this blog at the start of January? 
I’d meant to start again, honest, but there wasn’t a moment of spare time, or spare brain, come to that.

I was intending to re-start blogging here right after the tidying away of the tree and decorations on Twelfth Night . Then a horrid bug crept in – lots of groo and atishoo all round the house – followed by a week of scary tax accounts. I had a local library meeting to go to, and a couple of urgent blogposts needed elsewhere.

However, I think almost all the catching up’s done now so today’s a day for a small celebration. Today’s post brought my five author copies of a new book:  
The Great Chapatti Chase.

It’s my version of a familiar story format – and no, I’m not going to tell you which! – and one I’ve enjoyed telling on school and library visits for quite a while. 

I’ve even told it at the Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival in Delhi. Here’s the cheerful cover:

Thank you, artist Laura Sua, for all of the brilliant and clever illustrations between these pages.  

Happy sigh. Yes, the nice times of 2015 have begun. Happy New Year, everyone!