Thursday 27 January 2011


A good working day today.

I think I've finally got Tome Two moving. I've been cutting and pasting sections of confused old document into Brand New Document. I've also been putting in useful new patches as well as having thoughts hard as iron about the main characters. The Tome may be coming together at last but there's still a long writing journey to travel. Quite glad to NOT be going out much over the next few weeks.

But, oh heavens! I glanced at the Diary blog as I jumped through to do this posting. Can't help thinking it needs lots more sections added, but how do I find time to do all that and keep the Tome moving along?

Tuesday 25 January 2011


Well, a really good day making up stories and poems with the Year 3 & 4 classes at RAWDON LITTLEMOOR SCHOOL. Thank you for a very welcoming school visit - as well as the interesting surroundings full of intriguing things to see. Tigers sleeping on cupboards anyone?

Odd coincidence! Today a child asked me about MR POD & MR PICCALILLI, a picture book I'd written some time ago with NICK SHARRATT so not one I talk about as much as I used to. And another child asked me about what kind of pen I used.

Then I got home to find a parcel from WALKER BOOKS, the P&P publisher. Inside were three special copies of the book, and a special "pen" that will read the text aloud for the young reader if you put the "pen" at the start of a line. It comes all the way from Korea, where P&P is now part of a Learning English scheme!

Monday 24 January 2011


Monday, and a day for tidying and getting ready for tomorrow's school visit to RAWDON LITTLEMOOR PRIMARY SCHOOL, near Leeds.

This morning I took part in a three-way Skype conversation with a couple of other writers about a project we're involved in. Although we know each other a little, I wasn't sure the session would work out. The technology certainly doesn't help, as the slightest cough or "um" (or miouwing cat) cuts out whoever is talking, which makes the discussion rather dislocated. But, as it happened, the session went well and was a really enjoyable chat.

I have heard of authors doing school Skype video visits, which are probably enjoyable too, but I know I'd rather go to tomorrow's school and see everyone in person.

Friday 14 January 2011


Hello again! I had a lovely long Christmas, although that happy time was followed by a horrible sneezy cold. The first weeks felt a bit of a struggle as an editor had asked me to revise a story for a Spring anthology. The school visit requests started arriving, so I had to re-arrange my School Visit folder very quickly. Some interesting visits to come!

Last Thursday, I went to ST. AIDAN'S HIGH SCHOOL "STAR" reading group to talk about A BOY CALLED M.O.U.S.E. Thank you for the sweet-scented narcissi, which lasted until yesterday.

This week I've been thinking about some old and new writing projects. I've also gone through my diary and blocked in some good writing time. Yes, new resolutions for the New Year!