Thursday 18 November 2010


Yesterday evening, when I was sitting in an empty dining room with my books for sale, a girl brought me her poem to read, and actually gave me a copy too. It was such a delightful gift that I'm putting it - with her and her mother's permission - here in my Diary:

I see the stars above my head in the dark blue sky.
I seee the stars wandering by, dancing as they die.
I see the world starving by hunger, I feel a whirlwind blow.
I see the poorly people walking to and fro.
I see the children in Africa, Asia and Japan.
I see the starving children also in Taiwan,
I see the guns and weapons,
I see throughout the fight.
I see the animals scratching,
I see the animals yawning.
I see the trees blow in the breeze
I realise people's needs
Help our lovely planet,
Because it grows the seed . . .

Thank you for those thoughts, Ellen!

Tuesday 16 November 2010

Last week, this week . .

Yes, a busy time. Last week at Harlow Carr was lovely, and the rain didn't rain on us the Poetree explorations very much at all. Thanks for all your poems, everyone. I had a great time and am sure Debbie did too.

Tomorrow I'm in another local school, OATLANDS JUNIOR SCHOOL in Harrogate, for the morning, I'm working with groups of Yr 5 & 6 children. Then I'll have a quick chance to sell my books before the Learning Event in the evening, but I'll be home for lunch & some writing in between!

Sunday 7 November 2010


Had a great time with my last set of visits. Then I had a busy writing time, working on a tight short story deadline, as well as a lovely half-term break with family.

I popped into HARROGATE LIBRARY too. It's my local library, which had only just moved back into its old-but-renovated home. I'd got quite used to the temporary "office space" library over the last two years, but really like this new one. The roof has had a huge "lantern" put in so the building is full of light and feels very open, which it definitely wasn't before. They open on Sundays now so later today I may pop to change some books.

Bonfire Night is over, so this week I'm looking forward to working in the new Bramhall Learning Centre at RHS Harlow Carr Gardens, and sessions with classes from WESTBROOK LANE SCHOOL, SHARROW PRIMARY SCHOOL, FOLLIFOOT PRIMARY SCHOOL and BELMONT GROSVENOR SCHOOL. See you all - and the lovely trees - soon!