Thursday, 15 September 2011

Shhh! Blog in Progress!

Or - oh help! - this has turned into "Where do the blog MONTHS go?"

Or "The Blog that Once Was."

Hmmm. Well, it's like this. One of the problems of blogging is that there's so much bloggingly good stuff out there, not here. I've been reading lots of it and even hiding inside some of it lately.

In early summer I got more involved with the Awfully Big Blog Adventure blog, especially the new Review section where there's a team of the most fantastic Awfully Big Reviewers possible - as well as Guest Reviewers once a month.

I was asked - amazingly - to join another group of bloggers: The History Girls. These are such smart ladies that most of my historical thoughts quiver with fear whenever I try to grab them, but - aha! - I have brought in a cunning link to help with my HG post this Saturday. But even on HG there's such an astounding array of posts that I wallow there instead of fretting about over here in my Diary.

I spend useful Diary time scanning other Blogs I Like, few of which have been updated on my list yet. They all seem so full of incredibly interesting facts, links and lives and pictures that my own blogwords - such as "did laundry" - don't quite wash.

Mind you, I did sneak over to Katherine Langish's wonderful Seven Miles of Steel Thistles blog with my Fairy Tale Reflection about Wayland Smith and Smithy which was fun. (The series ended just after but I don't think it was my fault for rasing malevolent spirits. With luck some of the FTR posts will appear again soon.)

There's also been a bit of facing up to Facebook and squeaking back at Twitter, plus other distractions such as writing events and holidays and work and combing the cat. All work as excellent reasons for staying away from the Blogger New Post page.

But now it's September, and a time for a fresh start and a new copybook ready to be blotted. It is time to Be Positive and jolt Penny Dolan's Dire Diary blog a bit closer to what I'd like it to be. So I am creating some new categories. They aren't stunning but maybe they'll help me get blogging more often.

So . . .

Occasionally I will be posting Greeting, but not the Scots "waily waily" kind of greeting, hopefully. but messages to people I've met on visits and such like. A massive example of this kind of post will follow as this is a Busy Week.

Occasionally. I will be Reading - and posting my thoughts on various book related things.

Occasionally, there will be Writing - though I fear this category may be moans & groans about various WIPS (works in progress) rather than news of megabuck contracts or swoops by film companies (I'm waiting, I'm waiting, okay?)But one lives by small hopes, so no need to get out the tissues on my behalf.

Occasionally, I will also add in Musing, so I can put in all the other things that puzzle, delight or astonish me, like the price of Writers Sheds.

And - I hope - occasionally I'll have a reader or two.


  1. "One lives by small hopes" ... what a great quote. I'm going to write that down immediately and then do my best not to lose the bit of paper.

    Nice to have you back and look forward to the next instalment

  2. This all looks very nice and fresh! Good to see you back.