Saturday, 26 February 2011


Two very early nights this weekend as Monday is the start of WEEK ONE of the BIG WORLD BOOK DAY ROUND for me.

In truth, it began yesterday, Friday, with a Storytelling Session for 5-8year olds in STARBECK LIBRARY, near Harrogate. A lovely library, only just re-opened in its new site, so a pity it's under threat.

I met a wonderful reader called Grace who'd come along to hear me (even though she was rather older!) just because she'd read my book A BOY CALLED MOUSE and had really liked it. What a cheering start to things! Thank you, Grace, and your little brother too..

Monday will be Administration Day, when I check I have all the information & schedules & maps gathered together. At home working Tuesday morning, but late that afternoon, I'm attending the local secondary schools Lit Quiz, THE BATTLE OF THE BOOKS at ST AIDAN'S HIGH SCHOOL. I'm there as one of two people from the HARROGATE CHILDREN'S BOOK GROUP who put the Quiz together, and there's about 12 schools sending their best reading teams. All I have to do is sit there hoping we got both questions and answers right.

On Wednesday I will be visiting ST.JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL, Keighley, for the day. So hello to everyone there, especially the Early Years, KS1 and Years 5 & 6 children & staff. I will wave to anyone in Years 3 & 4 as I pass by!

Thursday is my biggest travelling day as I'm going all the way over to CLIFTON PRIMARY SCHOOL in HULL, to spend a very happy WORLD BOOK DAY with everyone there.

Friday is not quite so far: I'm driving straight up the A1 to DISHFORTH AIRFIELD PRIMARY SCHOOL, and I'm looking forward to having fun with everyone there.

See you all soon!

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