Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Well, a really good day making up stories and poems with the Year 3 & 4 classes at RAWDON LITTLEMOOR SCHOOL. Thank you for a very welcoming school visit - as well as the interesting surroundings full of intriguing things to see. Tigers sleeping on cupboards anyone?

Odd coincidence! Today a child asked me about MR POD & MR PICCALILLI, a picture book I'd written some time ago with NICK SHARRATT so not one I talk about as much as I used to. And another child asked me about what kind of pen I used.

Then I got home to find a parcel from WALKER BOOKS, the P&P publisher. Inside were three special copies of the book, and a special "pen" that will read the text aloud for the young reader if you put the "pen" at the start of a line. It comes all the way from Korea, where P&P is now part of a Learning English scheme!

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