Thursday, 18 November 2010


Yesterday evening, when I was sitting in an empty dining room with my books for sale, a girl brought me her poem to read, and actually gave me a copy too. It was such a delightful gift that I'm putting it - with her and her mother's permission - here in my Diary:

I see the stars above my head in the dark blue sky.
I seee the stars wandering by, dancing as they die.
I see the world starving by hunger, I feel a whirlwind blow.
I see the poorly people walking to and fro.
I see the children in Africa, Asia and Japan.
I see the starving children also in Taiwan,
I see the guns and weapons,
I see throughout the fight.
I see the animals scratching,
I see the animals yawning.
I see the trees blow in the breeze
I realise people's needs
Help our lovely planet,
Because it grows the seed . . .

Thank you for those thoughts, Ellen!

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